Twin Sails bridge

Parking Charges

Parking Charges to extend and introduce new charges in parks and on roads near beaches
Consultation 22 Feb - 6 Apr 2016
Poole Harbour in evening
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Poole fishing boat
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Buoys in Poole
About Poole Harbour Association.
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Slip Way Poole
Parking Permits for Slip Way
and Whittles Way - 2016
The permits for all day parking in the ‘Ways’ will be available to individuals on proof of moorings in Holes Bay. Applications should be made by email via our Contact page.
Poole old lifting bridge
Poole Harbour Bridges
Opening Times
Bridge Lifting Sequence

After the first bridge lift, the second bridge will open asap. The first bridge will open again if required for returning vessels.

Bridge opens at half past the hour at WEEKENDS
05:30 – 14:30 Twin Sails opens first, Poole Bridge opens
approx 15 mins later
15:30-23:30 Poole Bridge opens first, Twin Sails opens approx 15 mins later

WEEKDAYS – as above with these exceptions:
08:30, 13:30, 17:30, 20:30
Poole Quay panoramic
European Maritime Day May 2017
Poole has been chosen to host this important international maritime event. Although the event is some time away planning has already begun. PHA fully supports the festival and intends to be actively involved in this exciting opportunity for the town of Poole. Members have already attended workshops.
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PHA Meeting:
Poole Boat Show:
PHA Meeting
Poole Quay Fireworks:

Bournemouth Air Show:
PHA Meeting:
Key information
1 Jan - 30 Jun
1 Jul - 31 Dec
Catch and release only
1 Bass per fisherman, per day

Minimum Size: 42cms / 16¾ in
Fishing for Bass new restrictions:
17 May 2016
20 - 22 May 2016
19 July 2016
21/28 July 2016, 10pm
(Every Thursday in August)
18 - 21 August 2016
20 September 2016

Extension of Poole Harbour Protected Status (SPA)

View documents: here
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